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     The Clauson's purchased the farm in 1991. The property, including the house had been vacant for a number of years and was in dire need of a vast amount of repair. The house was a Sears and Roebuck home, which had been ordered from a catalogue and hauled in by railroad around 1906.
    Six years after purchasing the farm, the home was once again ready to be occupied and the Clauson's moved in in 1997. Restoring the outer buildings has been a continuous project.
    The barn, now home of the Clauson Family Music Show, was built between 1890 and 1891. When you visit, you can see the year 1891 on an interior wall where it was originally stamped. The initial restoration of the barn took three years to complete. It was in 2003 that the final restoration was finished.
    In the restoration of the facility, several goals were set and achieved. First, was to keep the barn's original character. Inside, the rustic wood interior remains the same as it was in 1891. However, skillful removal of posts and beams makes every seat in the theatre a great one.The barn was also to be easily accessible for guests. The ramped entrance makes the barn easy to enter and exit, with no stairs to climb, and yes, the facility is handicapped accessible. The Historic Barn Theatre is now both heated and air conditioned so that guests can remain comfortable while enjoying concerts during any season. Also added during the restoration, were restrooms. The men's, being located in the silo, a common attraction for both men and women alike. A circular stage is set up front and seating may be arranged as theatre seating or at round tables for dinner shows.
    For the dinner shows, all of the meals are prepared right in the theatre. Completed in 2009, a full kitchen is located in the lower level, allowing for a variety of high quality meals prepared for dinner shows. In addition, the lower level of the barn features an antique milking parlor exhibit, complete with stanchions and names of memorable cows.
    The barn also contains a gift shoppe where guests can browse before the show and during intermission. The Milk House, is set right next to the barn and provides for yet another shopping stop. Adorned with seasonal items, the restored Milk House is also an interesting place to visit.
    The Historic Barn Theatre and grounds are continuously evolving and additional attractions are always being added. The most recent being the Camp Budsin Tabernacle.
     For the Clauson's no project is ever finished, it just gets to a stopping point.
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