Cody Clauson

     Cody Clauson began playing the tenor banjo when he was three. Cody grew up learning music from his father Brent. At the age of ten, Cody received a scholarship from the FIGA Foundation to continue on with his study of music.
     Along with the tenor banjo, Cody quickly began learning to play the guitar and also piano. In addition to his instrumental abilities, Cody is also a talented vocalist.
     He has studied music at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and performed with the Jazz Combos there.
     Cody headlines both the Clauson Family Music Show and also the Cody Clauson Trio, performing alongside his sister, Brittney and their father, Brent. With the Trio, Cody travels throughout the United States performing at a variety of different venues and music festivals.
     Cody recently purchased a new home, not too far from the theatre. He lives there with his faithful dog, Dodger. When he's not performing, working at the theatre or practicing music, you can find him out on a tractor somewhere cutting, raking or baling hay.